Highlights from Dzamling Gar

November 18th, 2022 

Ninth Anniversary of the founding of Dzamling Gar and ten years since the land was purchased. 

Thubten Rabgyi, Gekö: 

“Many of you don’t know, today is the birthday of Dzamling Gar. Today is 10 years from 2012. Here is the protection cord that Rinpoche made for Dzamling Gar and today we will put the cord up there under the A. Rinpoche made a protection for each Gar from the jewels of the Evolution Creations. Rinpoche made and he gave to me and I gave to the Gakyil. Then the Gakyil is always changing and we lost this protection cord. I discussed with some of the Gakyil members and they said they gave back to me and I said I did not receive it and I told them they lost it.
Then a couple of weeks ago Lena Dumcheva had this and she showed me and said the Gakyil gave to her and maybe we could auction it. I said no, that is the protection cord we lost for Dzamling Gar and finally we found it. So thank you to Lena!
So we have some champagne and Marina made us some cake, so we celebrate a little the birthday of Dzamling Gar. Thank you!”

21 Semdzins of Upadesha and Vajrasattva practice with Adriano Clemente December 9–13, 2022 at Dzamling Gar with approximately 300 people on Zoom. Afternoon practice of Vajrasattva practice was led by Sebastien Remy.

Khaita Dancers on December 8, 2022 – Birthday celebration for Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Khalongdorjeikar Advanced Course with Prima Mai December 1–7, 2022.

The Councillor of Diversity Visits Dzamling Gar

On Friday, November 4, 2022, Dzamling Gar received the visit of Mr. José Antonio López Delgado, Councilor for Diversity of the Adeje City Council. Along with Adriana Dal Borgo, Casilda Gonzalez, Gloriana Brenes, Nataly Nitsche, and Carmen Rivas, everyone enjoyed a pleasant and harmonious time with very positive results.

The councilman was very comfortable, toured our facilities, was amazed by the gardens and was very positively surprised by the activities we carry out here. He visited the Gönpa during the Vajra Dance practice and then sat down at the Moon Garden to share some snacks while having an excellent and beautiful conversation about the possibility of developing, in the near future, activities related to the Vajra Dance for people with functional divergence who attend the center and are assisted by the members of the Cabildo de Adeje.

José Antonio López Delgado expressed interest in supporting us, recognizing that it could be of great benefit to people with functional divergence, having the opportunity to evolve and integrate into modern life and also connect with this Teaching, which is simply wonderful.

We are very grateful and fortunate that through this activity we make positive contact with the legal representatives of the Island. We deeply thank our dear Carmen, Adriana, Casilda, Titi and Nataly for their time and dedication to sharing the benefits of the practices that we have so generously received from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Differently One

by Adriana Dal Borgo







Between October and November 2022, interesting activities took place in Dzamling Gar in collaboration with the International Atiyoga foundation with the central theme of openness, integration and overcoming barriers.

In October a pilot project was carried  out for all instructors of the International Dzogchen Community and in particular those of Vajra Dance, which approximate the Vajra Dance to people with functional disabilities.

We titled it “Differently one”: each of us is unique and different from others, but at the same time we all share the same Potential, the same Primordial Nature. A course was taught by Carmen Rivas, based on her experience on this topic, and Nataly Nitsche.

On November, Dzamling Gar received the visit of the Councilor for Disability of Adeje City Hall, who invited us to participate in the Meeting of Families of the Center for Attention to Functional Diversity “Los Olivos” (CAD Los Olivos) to celebrate the International Day of the Rights of the Child, highlighting the Right to Integration and Special Care

This was somehow a continuation of a relationship established a long way back: the first time we were invited by the Department of Disability to the CAD “Los Olivos” was in December 2014 during the celebration of the International Day of Disability, where we presented and interacted with Khaita Joyful Dances.

Accepting the new invitation, on Saturday, November 12th, together with the children of the center and their parents we were able to share a marvelous experience. We guided them on simple movements of the Vajra Dance and easy circle Khaita Dances, manifesting wonderful moments of love, openness, inclusion and integration, and above all unifying the hearts in the same mandala.

We sincerely thank the Dzogchen International Community, the International Atiyoga Foundation, the Gakyil and all the members of Dzamling Gar, who have made the event possible, as well as the Department of Disability of the Adeje City Council, the management of CAD Los Olivos and all its users and families for the shared moments.

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