Hospice Training at Dzamling Gar

Comments on the Tibetan Medicine Hospice Training with Dr Phuntsog Wangmo

In January when I saw the announcement about the Tibetan Medicine Hospice Training which would be held in April 2016 at Dzamling Gar, I decided I wanted attend. For a long time, I have thought that I need this kind of course because, not only do I feel the need to prepare myself for my own death, but also if possible, I would like to be ready to help others during their process of dying.

I am very happy to have attended this training. Menpa (Doctor) Phuntsog gave us a very rich experience during this course. She was so didactic, so clear that I could understand this could not be anything other than the beginning (origin). I was able to see that there are so many things I can learn and train in this matter in order to really be ready to apply the knowledge.IMG_4819

Frequently the course touched our heart and sometimes it brought some memories about the experiences of life and death. It was very beautiful to see them again but with different eyes.

Dr. Phuntsog has so many things to teach us that I am sure many of us will be waiting for the next opportunity to share another event with such a compassionate Menpa.

Maria Herrera, Mexico

So many people were interested to participate in the Hospice training with Dr Phuntsog that the location was moved from the recently completed Tibetan Medicine House in Dzamling Gar to the Gönpa. And we were indeed a fortunate group of more than thirty people attending this workshop which immediately followed the Integrative Medicine conference in Barcelona.

This ancient, profound knowledge based on the five elements and stable lineage, transmission and tradition is a treasure for our modern day society. By starting with the death and dying process, we journeyed through the organs of our body, their corresponding elements and sense organs and learned how to recognize the signs of dissolution and simple methods to prepare and assist ourselves and others to ease into the journey of the dying transition.

Realizing that prevention is at the heart of of Tibetan Medicine philosophy we are all enticed to explore further the art of detecting early minor elemental imbalance or more established organ decline and experience the benefits of attending, initially and simply, to our diet and behavior and subsequently perhaps also receiving the more advanced treatments of traditional Tibetan medicines and external therapies. Thank you Menpa Phuntsog for giving all of us the special experience, over the last two days, of giving and receiving the kun nye hand and foot massage for the dying person, with your beautiful voice soothing all tensions with the sounds of Jigme Lingpa’s offering.

Rosemary Friend, Australia


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