IDC 2022 Membership: Update, Appeal and Thank You

Dear Global Vajra Family,

Greetings from the International Gakyil Team!

We hope that the Year of the Water Tiger brings good health, safety, and prosperity for all despite the worldwide challenges that we are all experiencing.

Although our Sangha has been affected by the pandemic for the past two years, and more recently by the crisis in Ukraine, our Global Community has demonstrated its capacity to remain united through both continuous practice and generous support for one another.

The IG sends a warm thank you to the 3,482 people that have already updated their 2022 membership as of mid May 2022 and an appeal to those of you that have yet to do so. Membership is one of the most important ways we demonstrate our commitment to the teachings and to supporting the International Dzogchen Community, its Gars and Lings, and Sangha.

It is easier than ever to renew your 2022 membership. Contact your local Gakyil and ask them for assistance, or visit to view and choose the payment methods available for your local Gar or Ling. Many Gars and Lings offer the opportunity to renew the membership directly online through your personal profile at

Furthermore, the IG Gakyil Team is aware that many members are encountering financial difficulties that affect their ability to renew their membership. Therefore we would like to inform you that:

  • Members with financial issues or serious health problems can ask their local Gakyil to financially support their membership fee directly (through a local fund if established) or by looking for one or more donors (inside the local Community) or by asking the IG for global sponsorship assistance. This membership will be considered a Local Ordinary Membership;
  • The International Gakyil, and the Merigar East and Kunsangar South Gakyils have agreed to provide special conditions to the Ukrainians members by allowing them to maintain their 2022 full membership status even if they are unable to pay or are only able to pay a nominal fee;
  • Access to the closed section of the Webcast will be available for the year 2022 even for those who have not been able to update their membership by March 31, 2022.

Thank you for being an active IDC member and for showing your support and commitment by renewing your 2022 membership and also by paying for previous membership years as needed.

With love,

The International Gakyil Team

Steven, Barbara, Gabriella, Miranda, Vince, Anna, Marek

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