IDC Kundrolling NYC 2022 Gakyil Report

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IDC Kundrolling Main Activities – 2022

Organized More Than $15,000 in Humanitarian Relief – Food, medicine and transportation provided to members of the Ukrainian community early in 2022.

Honored the Master – We were able to join our capacity to direct gifts in honor of the Master.

Co-Hosted All Ganapujas with IDC Tsegyalgar East

Hosted More Than 1000 Online Practice Sessions in 2022 – Including twice-daily Tara practice, daily Vajra Dance practice, Odzer Chenma several times a week, and Yantra Yoga classes (thanks to many many online hosts including the Taraistas, the 8 pm Vajra Dancers, Diana and Michael, and many others).

Dance and Practice In-Person Again – We are meeting for Full Moon and New Moon Ganapujas at Dudjom Tersar Yeshe Nyingpo in Manhattan. We are meeting for Vajra Dance at Greenspace in Long Island City, Queens. (Many thanks to Gleitia, David and Johanna.)

Hosted 3 In-Person Dinners – As NYC opened back up, we got back together for a momo party, a dinner for the anniversary in September, and for Rinpoche’s birthday.

Maintained Membership – Although some people moved away in the past few years, others moved to NYC. Mingyur, Angi, Curzio, Lili, and Stephen will be missed! Welcome/ back to Rasa, Isabel, Aleksandra and Thaïs!

Paid IDC Tsegyalgar East – Up to date on all IDC dues.

Saved Money – We are starting 2023 in good shape.

Singing Happy Birthday to Rinpoche, December 2022.

Membership Report – 2016 to 2022

IDC Kundrolling Membership Numbers and Yearly Income

2016 – 28 members – $ 7,410

2017 – 33 members – $10,620

2018 – 32 members – $ 8,620

2019 – 24 members – $ 8,100

2020 – 33 members – $ 8,815

2021 – 29 members – $ 6,942 (adjusted by IDC)

2022 – 26 members – $ 6,933 (through 12.13.2022)


IDC Kundrolling Gakyil

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