Igor Berkhin Easter Retreat in Mallorca

 Light, Space and Consciousness 

Two shorts reviews by Deniz Acar and Chia Huei Lu.

“The retreat at the monastery near the town of Petra in Mallorca was very peaceful, connecting and marvellous. The monastery which is high up on a hill not only has marvelous views of the whole island in different directions but the energy there is refreshing. It is a very good place for teaching. Igor is a great and straightforward Dzogchen teacher also echoing the teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.”

“Igor’s guidance is a gift,
Clear, insightful, with moments of laughter,
Through his teachings, I discovered a sense of spaciousness,
And a feeling of oneness with the world’s endlessness.
Trees, clouds, birds, all together, unbound,

I am grateful for Igor’s wisdom and joy,
Which I carry in my heart and my daily practice with gratitude.

Thank you, Igor, for sharing your light,
And guiding us to a world of insight.”

Igor confirmed that he will return to Mallorca next year, 2024, at the end of October, on the Mountain of Randa, Monastery de Sant Honorat (the place where Ramon Lull received his revelations). We will meet again for a seven day retreat. Applying confidence, sure!


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