The Importance of Membership

Join your nearest IDC Gar or Ling Today!

Dear Global Vajra Family,

Membership in the Dzogchen Community is the way we demonstrate our individual commitment to the Teachings, the Master, and our Sangha.

Membership is a fundamental way to support the worldwide network of Gars and Lings that Rinpoche created with infinite generosity and for the benefit of all.

Our Gars and Lings rely on our memberships to cover their operating costs, while providing us with retreats, programs, and webcasts, among other benefits in collaboration with the International Dzogchen Community.

Please join our collective community effort and renew your IDC membership. Through this annual commitment, each of us ensures the continued health of the Dzogchen Community, supports the Teachings, and makes the development of our practice a continued reality.

Renewing this year’s membership, as well as past years’ if necessary, is easy. Visit to view and choose the payment methods for the Gar or Ling closest to your geographical area of residence. Many of them offer the opportunity to renew membership directly online through your personal profile at

Alternatively, you can contact the Gakyil and/or the Membership Coordinator of your local Gar or Ling directly for assistance.

Best wishes,

Your International Gakyil Team,

Miranda, Barbara, Gabriella, Vince, and Evgenia, Monica, Svetlana, and Marija and Nikol

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