The Inauguration of ‘Melusine’ the Mulcher

On Tuesday January 13, mid-morning, a rather unusual inauguration ceremony took place at the Global Gar in Tenerife. There was a small gathering of people at the back of the Gar among the great piles of dried leaves, dead trees branches, and withered palm leaves invited at the request of Alix de Fermor, the Gar’s main garden architect, to share in her joy at the arrival of the long awaited mulching machine!

The mulching machine or wood chipper will make it possible for garden workers to quickly and easily grind – without limits – all types of plant material from dead leaves to thick tree branches into fine chips which in turn can become rich compost to feed the thriving Dzamling Gardens. It was an essential and long-awaited piece of equipment for the lush and varied forest of trees, fruit trees, and palms at the Gar.

inauguration melusine mulcher

Alix and Melusine

This impressively large bright green machine had been transported to the Gar the previous day after being shipped from mainland Spain. It is important to mention that much of the cost of this vital piece of equipment for the Dzamling Gar forest garden was donated by a practitioner in the Dzogchen Community who is very supportive of the green paradise that surrounds the thirteen houses of the Gar.

It was a clear bright morning when Alix baptized the new equipment with a bottle of sparkling wine and the name ‘Melusine’, the name of a beautiful medieval forest fairy with the lower body of a serpent. May this bright and powerful new addition to the Gar be of great benefit both to the gardeners as well as those who are fortunate to be able to enjoy this wonder of nature.

L. Granger

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