Intensive Course on Ku-Nye in Irkutsk, Russia

An intensive practice course on the 1st module of Tibetan traditional Ku-Nye massage was held from September 22 to 25 in Irkutsk, located on Lake Baikal in Russia. The course was organized by the School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute in Russia and Margarita Panfilova with the support of our precious teacher Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo.

This is the first course of the School of Tibetan Medicine to be held in Siberia and it was encouraging that the course included participants from different parts of Russia – Novosibirsk, Sakhalin, and Moscow. The event was held simultaneously under the guidance of different instructors at Kunsangar North and Irkutsk following the same program. We all met online with Dr. Phuntsog via teleconference from Massachusetts – Moscow – Irkutsk, where she gave an opening address to all new participants.

Listeners became acquainted with the basic theoretical concepts of Tibetan medicine and mastered the techniques and algorithm of massage in practice. A very interesting group gathered for the event – many had already had some experience – so practice was joyful and easy. I wish all those who participated further practical enhancement of their massage skills and immersion in the theory of traditional Tibetan medicine! And thank you to Ekaterina from Yoga Loft Irkutsk for providing a cozy space and assistance!

Alexander Popov,

Tibetan medicine doctor, instructor of the course

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