International Dance Day

201604_DanceDay_IDC_2016-5CID Dance Day I April 29, 2016

Every year, millions of dancers around the globe celebrate World Dance Day on 29 April. Initiated in 1982 and coordinated by International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, it is addressed to all: dancers and non-dancers, amateur and professional, young and old, private business companies as well as public institutions and agencies.

The International Dzogchen Community will join in worldwide with Vajra Dance and Tibetan Modern Dances.

Vajra Dance
Meditation in Movement

Vajra Dance, introduced by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1991, is a meditation practice that integrates movement and sound.

It is principally a means to harmonize the energy of each individual and a method to integrate all experiences related to our three existences of Body, Voice and Mind into the state of contemplation.

It is practiced on a Mandala which represents the correspondence between the inner dimension of an individual and outer dimension of our globe.

Harmony in Space
Tibetan Modern Dances

“Khaita Joyful dances” teach us each to be aware of our own movement in the space around us. In dancing we also learn to be present to the interior shifting of thoughts and emotions. As we cultivate this relaxed presence in movement, harmony and joy develop naturally.

The choreography of these dances is based on the rhythms and melodies of the songs of young contemporary Tibetan singers, rich in the imagery of life on the “Roof of the World”, just as the songs are. It shows the vitality of an ancient culture whose core motivation has, for centuries, been the happiness of all beings, in harmony with the environment where they live.

With our hearts and our dances we are connecting to all dancers around the world wishing infinite benefits and joyful evolution to the whole world.

We are happy to support the worldwide Dance Day with extensive dance sessions throughout the globe in various centers in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brescia, Budapest, Cologne, Cracow, Dejamling, Dzamling Gar, Hamburg, Kunsangar North,  Merigar West, Moscow, Prague, Sankt Petersburg, Taipei, Todos Santos, Venice, Vienna.

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