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IDC New Statute – New IG Team – 2021 Membership Trend –

2022 IDC Global Membership Policy

Dear International Dzogchen Community Members,

The International Gakyil (IG) is pleased to share with you the latest news related to the International Dzogchen Community (IDC):

  • the new IDC Statute valid since November 29, 2021
  • the new IG Team in office since November 29, 2021
  • the 2021 IDC membership trend on December 13, 2021
  • the 2022 IDC Global Membership Policy

Following please find a brief report for each of the above topics.

Warm regards,

The IG Team
Steven, Barbara, Anna, Marek, Vince, Gabriella, Miranda

The New IDC Statute

During the IDC Extraordinary Assembly held at the Studio Notarile Gunnella – Valia in Florence (Italy) on November 29, 2021, the process of renewing the IDC Statute was completed in accordance with what was presented and approved at the IDC Ordinary Assembly held in Merigar West on July 30, 2021.

The main motivations to update the IDC Statute were the following:

  • to clarify how the IG could legally manage the IDC administration functions in the case of the Honorary President’s absence, inability to perform His duties, or if His seat were empty;
  • to start the process of aligning the by-laws with the new rules set out in the Italian law on Non-Profit Organisations (“Codice del Terzo Settore”). A second step will follow in the next few months.

You can find the new text of the IDC Statute (in English and Italian) at the following web page

The New International Gakyil Team

Immediately following the IDC Extraordinary Assembly, an IDC Ordinary Assembly was held at the Studio Notarile Gunnella – Valia in Florence (Italy) on November 29, 2021 to confirm the election of the IG candidates for the roles already presented and approved by the IDC Ordinary Assembly on July 30, 2021.

During the Ordinary Assembly on November 29, 2021, Anton Rutkovskyi resigned as IG member. We thank him warmly for his commitment and great work over the last few years.

The IG now includes the following members:

  • Steven Landsberg, President
  • Barbara Giurlanda, Vice President & Yellow
  • Anna Apraksina, Yellow
  • Marek Riesz, Yellow
  • Vince Li Wen Tai, Red
  • Gabriella Schneider, Blue
  • Miranda Shannon, Blue

The IG Team includes Nikola Stanišová, IDC Secretary & International Membership Coordinator.

The 2021 IDC Membership Trend

As of December 13, 2021, there are 4,611 registered Global IDC members, an approximate decrease of 17% compared to the total number of Global IDC members in 2020.

In 2021, Ordinary IDC members represent 91% of all membership, Local plus Global Sustaining membership represent 8.5%, and Global Meritorious represents 0.5%.

Merigar West is the Gar with the greatest number of members (1,320), followed by Kunsangar North and South (1,206), Merigar East (740), Dzamling Gar (285), Samtengar (264), Tsegyalgar East (243), Tashigar Sur (172), Namgyalgar (125), Tsegyalgar West (87), Munselling (49), Gephelling (42), Jampalling (28), Jamyangling (27), and Tashigar North (23). 

As membership is one of the most important ways to demonstrate our commitment to the Teachings and to support the International Dzogchen Community and its Gars and Lings, the IG would like to encourage those that have not yet renewed their 2021 membership to do so – You are still in time! And to rejoin in 2022.

The 2022 IDC Global Membership Policy.

The following is a summary of the 2022 Global Membership Policy sent by the IG to the Gakyils of each Gar and independent Ling.

The IDC Share of 15% on membership will remain unchanged for 2022.  

Global Membership Policy 2022 – Levels and Fees

  • Local Ordinary Membership [fee set by local Gar Gakyil]
  • Local Sustaining Membership [optional level with fee set by local Gar Gakyil]
  • Local Sponsored Membership [optional level with the same Local Ordinary fee set by
                                                        local Gar Gakyil]

Members with relevant financial issues or serious health problems can ask local Gakyils to financially support their membership fee, through a local fund (if established) or by looking for one or more donors (inside the local Community or by asking the IG for a global search). 

This membership would be considered as a Local Ordinary Membership.

  • Local Elderly Membership [optional level set by local Gar Gakyil, 12 EUR / 14 USD fee]                                                         

Members 75 years and older with uninterrupted membership at least in the 6 last years can ask local Gakyils to apply for a symbolic membership of 12 EUR/14 USD per year. 

This level of membership is optional and set by the local Gar Gakyil. 

It would be considered as a Local Ordinary Membership.

The IG strongly recommends local Gars apply this level especially in case of relevant financial issues. 

  • Global Sustaining Membership 500.00 EUR / 575.00 USD fee set by IG
  • Global Meritorious Membership 1,500.00 EUR / 1,725.00 USD fee set by IG

Global Membership Policy 2022 details

Global Benefits: Global Meritorious

                          80% discounts on all events and workshops in all Gars and Lings

                          Each Gar can provide more benefits to its direct members

                          Global Sustaining

                          50% discounts on all events and workshops in all Gars and Lings

                          Each Gar can provide more benefits to its direct members

The IG recommends that Gars apply the above Global Benefits to all events and workshops for Global Meritorious and Global Sustaining members. 

However, if needed each Gar can set the Global Benefits depending on their financial circumstances.
Any adjustments to the IDC Global Benefit must be properly communicated in writing in advance to the members.

IDC Share Currency: EUR is the applicable currency for: 

MGW&E, DZG, KGN&S, Namgyalgar, Samtengar, Jampalling, Jamyangling, Munselling, and Gephelling

USD is the applicable currency for:

TGE&W, and TGN&S

Membership Fee Subsidies:

The decision to subsidise regular Local Ordinary membership fees should be met by the establishment of a special fund or of a fundraising policy at the Gar/Ling level.

If needed the Yellow IG can announce a global search for available sponsors to support membership needs.

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