International Gakyil 2022 Losar Greetings

Dear Vajra Family,

Happy Losar 2022! 

May peace prevail worldwide in the year of the Water Tiger, and bring health and good fortune to all.

This year let us unite globally in daily Ati Guruyoga of the White A practice at 9:00am (GMT+0 Tenerife time) and at 9:00pm (GMT+0 Tenerife time). If circumstances permit,  we propose that at those times we all sound a single A, sing the Song of the Vajra and dedicate merits for the benefit of all beings. Should you need to connect more simply, after sounding a single A remain in the state of contemplation for as long as you can, and then dedicate merits to benefit all sentient beings.

Together we remain, and we hope you will join in global daily Guruyoga practice when you can.

Your IG Team,

Anna, Barbara, Gabriella, Marek, Miranda, Steve and Vince

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