International Gakyil Meeting of All Gars and Lings

This year the Belorussian community Jigdralling was lucky to participate in the International Gakyil meeting of all Gars and Lings being widely presented: two representatives from the ling authorized by the Gakyil, 10 guest members and 7 people interested in the teaching. For the community of Belarus it proved to be a unique and special experience – to get so close in touch with the three jewels of Dharma! Emaho.

The meeting began with Guruyoga and was held in an atmosphere of mutual respect. There was interest in the feedback in order to understand the current situation in the Community as a whole, understanding the current problems and their possible solutions.

The International Gakyil very seriously prepared for this meeting and presented the community structure which the Master would like to see. They also demonstrated an example of communication in an atmosphere of openness, cooperation and a sincere desire to help everyone who is willing to learn. The International Gakyil reported on the work that the Gars and Lings did in the past year and clearly presented plans for the next year. From the reports of the International Gakyil it became clear where the money comes from for the development and maintenance of the Community and how it is spent. It was evident that most of the money comes in the form of charitable donations from members.

We were able to observe how the merger and consolidation of the common intention to make such a community is taking place, which our precious Rinpoche would like to see.

It has become absolutely clear that a clearly defined structure of the Community will help to preserve the purity of the Teaching. We have got an example of how to maintain the balance following the essence of the Teaching working at the same time over the perfect shape. After all, how to show mutual respect, cooperate and be generous – this is exactly what Rinpoche teaches and would like to see in his students.

For Belorussians it is very important to understand the way the Community is developing in our region. And the International Gakyil instantly responded to the request to hold a separate meeting in which we received a lot of important and valuable advice on which we will rely in the future.

Also the representatives of the Gakyil of Kunsangar North assured us that our desire to bring order in our Ling will not remain without attention and care.

We were really surprised by the attention, care, love and sincere desire to support young growing sprouts of the Teaching so the following retreat was perceived as a valuable gift from the Teacher!




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