International Gakyil Team Members Update October 2022

Dear Members of the International Dzogchen Community,

The International Gakyil (IG) announces the retirement of Steven Landsberg. We wish to thank Steven for his many years of dedicated and invaluable service as President of the IG, and we wish him all the best in the years to come.

The IG also thanks outgoing Yellow Gakyil member, Anna Apraksina. We are grateful for her years of service on the IG, and for her willingness to continue performing the duties of IDC/Asia House legal representative at Dzamling Gar.

The IG thanks Blue Gakyil member, Miranda Shannon, for taking on the role and responsibilities of President of the IG. We wish her well.

The IG Team is currently comprised of the following members:

Best wishes,

The International Gakyil

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