Jewels of the World – Art Exhibit by Rosa Namkhai at Dzamling Gar

Gloriana Brenes Gonzalez, (left) Gakyil director, introducing Fabio Andrico who introduced the book 40 Years of Merigar and the stamp artshow, both produced by Rosa Namkhai

Opening on February 7, 2024 at Dzamling Gar, Tenerife Island, Spain

The jewels are a rich collection of stamps from all countries, carrying a message from the past. They are called ‘jewels’ because they were collected and preserved with dedication and passion by Rinpoche, and this tradition continues through his family.

Perhaps this passion and dedication are still passed on to us. This is chronicled in the 40-year book of Merigar, which includes a collection of images, the history of all events, and details of retreats held in Merigar over the past four decades.

Gloriana Brenes Gonzalez, Gakyil Director:

We have the great honor on this very special occasion to have for the first time, as far as I know, the art of Rosa Namkhai introduced by Fabio Andrico. We also would like to present this book, The Forty Years of Merigar [West] which is quite inspirational. The book is available by donation. [Please contact the office of Merigar West to receive a copy:]

Fabio Andrico:

Forty Years of Merigar

Welcome everyone. I will start by explaining about the book, Forty Years of Merigar, because in the real sense, all of the activities of our dear Rosa Namkhai, has one base. She has dedicated her entire life to the Community; to make Rinpoche’s legacy more understandable to all. And since Merigar was the first Gar, like the seed, so she wanted to offer the history of Merigar, which is also the history of the Dzogchen Community. In this book, all the aspects of the Community are expressed in its words and the images. It would be really nice if everyone had a copy of the book.

At Merigar [West] is where a little structure of the Community started. Dzamling Gar was the last Gar Rinpoche created. If Merigar is the seed, then Dzamling Gar should be the expression of the capacity of collaboration at the level of the planet. Dzamling Gar is the Gar of communication among all the Gars, and the Gars communicate with the Lings, and then it should be clear what is the intent of the Community. It is not that we are separate but we integrate in life, in society and in the world. So understanding the history of Merigar [West] can help us understand other aspects related to the Community.

Book cover 40 Years of Merigar






















Art Exhibit

As always the activity of Rosa Namkhai has always been based in her dedication to the Dzogchen Community and to help explain Rinpoche’s dimension. All the stamps that are used in this artwork, the collection of the stamps, was started by Rinpoche. As I remember in the beginning Rinpoche started collecting stamps for a relative who liked to collect stamps. The stamps are from all over the world. If you look you can see all of these stamps are related to a certain epoch. It started with the form of the jewels and then the bigger jewels of the stupas. And then you find one that represents the museum of Merigar and Arcidosso all in one depiction.

So it was Rinpoche who started to collect the stamps and then Rosa continued for years and years so somehow there is a very very long history behind all these stamps. There is always this totally selfless contribution by Rosa. Rosa’s activity can be an inspiration and a silent example of a more selfless, generous and altruistic way of living.

Big stupa


Diamond form

View of Arcidosso and MACO Museum

Stamps from one of the pieces in the show



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