Job opening at SSI

The Shang Shung Institute for Tibetan Studies in Italy is happy to announce a new job opening for an Archive Acquisition Operator within the Archive Programme audio/video acquisition project.

The position is full time and project based.

Applicants should send their CV, complete with an introduction letter and contacts for references to

The selected candidates will be invited for an interview on Skype. Salary and other work conditions will be discussed during this meeting.

Deadline for application is July 25th.

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International Shang Shung Institute for Tibetan Studies

Job Description

Archive Acquisition Operator

Position Summary

The Acquisition Operator for the Archive of the Shang Shung Institute reports to the Institute’s Lead Archivist. Processes the ingestion of several contents type to the Archive following assigned procedures. Performs data arranging, cataloguing and indexing, adapting the digital records according to established guidelines.

Primary Duties

Processing Ingestion

  • Collect and organize assigned documents, including photo, audio, video, text and other forms of documents according to established order of acquisition
  • Ingest materials to the archive through the appropriate technologies and following the procedures established
  • Work with management and staff towards the resolution of issues encountered during the ingestion process
  • Physically label ingested materials to match the digital archive corresponding repository identification
  • Physically store ingested materials adequately, following assigned procedures

Indexing, Cataloguing and Arranging

According to the SSI Archive guidelines and standards received:

  • Categorize and classify the ingested documents, including photo, audio, video, text and other forms of documents
  • Analyze documents contents for all the ingested materials, in several languages (mainly Tibetan, English, and Italian), identifying the subject matter and the historical period
  • Determine and apply the appropriate cataloguing criteria, applying the required standards and sets of practice of identification
  • Perform cataloging and tagging of the various materials in the following languages:English
  • Enter the catalogue records on the Archive Database
  • Ensure all material can be retrieved conveniently using standardized methods
  • Work with management and staff towards the resolution of issues encountered during the cataloguing process

Additional Duties

  • Raise requirements to adjust rules or standards when new type of material surfaces
  • Consult with colleagues on improving cataloging process
  • Attend workshops and/or training when requested
  • Train other staff on certain aspects of acquisition as needed
  • Serve on various archive committees and provide recommendations for the improvement and streamlining of archive services.

Required Skills

  • Fluency in English language, both written and spoken
  • Fast paced learning abilities
  • Computer proficiency in the use of basic user interfaces

Required Competences

  • Ability to maintain a conducive atmosphere for job productivity and satisfaction where team goals are aligned to meet objectives
  • Ability to establish efficient, realistic plans that clearly convey the mission of the Institute, set priorities, and communicate, share, evaluate and measure them in collaboration with the Institute’s management

Personal Profile

  • A passion for the Institute’s vision, loyalty to its mission and a genuine desire to contribute time and effort toward its development
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate in a multicultural environment, working effectively with colleagues and establishing a constructive and positive environment

Job Location

The position is office based in Merigar, Arcidosso (GR), Italy, within the Zhikhang Library.




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