Join Collective Dance Video for Khaita’s 10 Years Anniversary

Dear all,

We invite you to JOIN COLLECTIVE DANCE VIDEO for Khaita’s 10 years anniversary!

You can participate individually or as a group (big or small), according to your possibilities.

Our video will consist of 4 dances – from children dance and a very simple circle dance to a more complex choreography. You can choose one or more dances that you like most. The final video will be edited by our beloved Giulia Yangcen Mimaciren in Merigar West.


– Tsed la Dro (children dance, parents welcome!)

– Sodang Yala (simple circle dance)

– Bod la Dro

– Phayulgyi Gyansum (more complex dance for a group, with guitars if possible)

See more details & links to dance training videos here.

Please send us your videos by Sunday 19th September.

We hope that many of you will join and manifest your creativity to make this video special!

With many Tashi Delegs,
Lena Dumcheva

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