Join the Wheel of Solidarity – Update on the Fundraising Campaign

Dear Members of the International Dzogchen Community,

We are writing to you today to update you on the International Dzogchen Community’s (IDC) ongoing “Join the Wheel of Solidarity” fundraising campaign, started in March 2022, to benefit the members of our Vajra family that continue to be severely affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Due to the incredible generosity that has been shown internationally by our Vajra brothers and sisters, IDC has collected EUR 5,000.00 over the past weeks to support those affected by the situation in Ukraine. The funds have already been sent to the Gakyil of Kyiv, who will distribute them according to the results of a survey concerning the local needs of IDC members throughout Ukraine. Some of the funds may be used to buy a portable charging station (about EUR 800) so that people can go to the gompa in Kyiv (that is open again) to charge their phones and stay connected.

However, the “Wheel of Solidarity” is still turning, and donations are most welcome.

If you would like to donate to this campaign, please visit the following link and specify that your donation is for “IDC Emergency Support” in the dropdown menu.

Warm regards,

The International Gakyil

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