Ka-Ter Translation Project, Dra Thalgyur Tantra

In the last days Rinpoche has offered with limitless compassion for all his interested students the Lung of the root text of the DRA THALGYUR TANTRA.


ka-ter-logo1.250pxFrom the short explanations of Rinpoche we could understand that the DRA THALGYUR TANTRA is the real source of all the Dzogchen Teachings.

Now, after this Lung, Rinpoche asked us to start with the translation of this unique Tibetan text.

The text is very difficult to understand and the translators need to have very precise knowledge of Dzogchen, as it is not enough only to translate the words, but the translators need to translate the real meaning of the text.

Rinpoche explained that he does not want that only one person should do the translation, but he nominated an already very experienced team: Adriano Clemente, Elio Guarisco and Jim Valby.

This team  – in in a very close collaboration with Rinpoche – already was responsible for the translation of the Mejung Tantra, now published by Shang Shung Publication.

Rinpoche emphasized that the translation MUST correspond 100% with the root text and He asked that we all do our best that this translation will manifest in a perfect way – SO LET’S COLLABORATE !!!

The translation of the root text will probably last for one year.

According to Rinpoche’s wish, the translation of the DRA THALYGUR TANTRA will be the new initiative of the KA-TER TRANSLATION PROJECT of the Shang Shung Institute Austria.

Please visit our website www.ssi-austria.at for all important information.

Let’s follow the advice of Rinpoche and collaborate in the best possible way.

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Note: Dra Thalygur tantra Translation

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