Ka-Ter: What a pleasure!

ka-ter 15th translators training

Dear friends and supporters of the Ka-Ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria,

Like the sun rise brings clarity and happiness to all beings, the latest work of the Shang Shung Publication brings wisdom and understanding of one’s own nature to all beings!

The latest book


was translated from Tibetan, edited and annotated done by ADRIANO CLEMENTE on the basis of earlier translations by Jim Valby and Elio Guarisco.

The translators and editors of this book have worked on this unique and essential text for more than 18 years, all their work was sponsored by YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS to the Ka-Ter Translation Project.

With incredible joy and pleasure I present YOU this extraordinary and voluminous book with more than 550 pages!

This precious book is a marvelous guidance to the essence of our being through the knowledge of one of the most ancient teachings of timeless, primordial wisdom.

It is one of the earliest books on Dzogchen authored by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Originally conceived as a compendium of instructions drawn from Dzogchen Upadesha tantras and the writings on Longchenpa and Jigmed Lingpa on the basis of personal experience, the author enriched it in 2005 with several verses of The Upadesha of The Primordial Purity from his own rediscovered cycle of teachings known as Longsal.

Great THANK YOU to everyone who has collaborated in this long-lasting work!

The book will be available in the shop of Shang Shung Publications in early May 2023.


However, the translation work is not finished with the publication of this book.
At the moment, Adriano Clemente, the Dzogchen Community’s main translator from Tibetan to English, is working on the translation of the commentary to the Longsal Introduction to the State of Ati (A ti’i dgongs pa ngo sprod), a crucial explanation of the four contemplations of Ati.

Other projects to be completed in 2013 include

– a new, revised edition of The Mirror: Advice on Presence and Awareness,

Atiyoga: The Essence of All Teachings, containing the chapters on the view from Santi Maha Sangha first and second levels plus new sections mostly from the Drathalgyur commentary by Vimalamitra.

Other important books translated by Adriano Clemente will be published in the next months:

The Cuckoo of Rigpa: An Ancient Dunhuang Manuscript

– Longsal Commentaries Volume Six: The Preliminaries of the Path of Ati.


With the support of the Ka-Ter Translation Project, Shang Shung Publication has already published the book

The Aventures of Nyima, Dawa and the Little Yak by Laura Evangelisti & The Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga Team, which is a beautiful children’s picture book on Kumar Kumari, a journey to discover magical Tibet and the powerful sounds of Kumar Kumari, Yantra Yoga for children.

Another important book based on the translation work supported by the Ka-Ter Translation Project will also be published soon by Shang Shung Publication:

Padmasambhava’s advice on Total Perfection. A Hidden Treasure Discovered by Dorje Lingpa. The teachings contained in this volume consist of a rich collection of advice and methods of practice which have the sole aim of helping the practitioner to actually discover their real condition of Total Perfection, or Dzogchen, and remain in this presence. The book is a commentary to an ancient Tibetan text discovered by a 14th century master known as Dorje Lingpa.


A great job has been done by the translator(s), the editors, and people who have done the layout and graphic designs of these books!

Their wonderful and admirable work is based on YOUR GENEROSITY by supporting all the various works of the Ka-Ter Translation Project.

Please continue to support our attempt to translate and publish books of our Master in the best possible quality!

For more information, have a look at the text about 20 years Ka-Ter Translation Project.

On behalf of the Ka-Ter Translation team, I thank you, Donors and Supporters, for your whole-hearted participation and understanding of the importance of the work we are doing jointly.

Together we have succeeded in completing so much!

Please keep up your fruitful efforts to make these unique wisdom texts accessible to our and future generations!

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Thank you so much for your donations!

Very best wishes,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
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