Khaita Dances Ten Years Anniversary

Dear everyone,

In November 2021 we will be celebrating 10 years of Khaita – exactly 10 years ago in Meriling, Tenerife, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu started selecting the songs for the first Khaita collection “Message from Tibet“.

We invite you to participate in:

A Collective dance video – we hope that many of you from all over the world will join to make this video special!  See details here.

Khaita November at Dzamling Gar:

    • Main celebration with a dance performance on Saturday 13 November;
    • 2nd part of Educational Program – Khaita Dance School – 7-14 November;
    • Khaita course 27-28 November;
    • Special afternoon sessions 15-30 November to dance together all of our choreographies.

We encourage everyone around the world to organize local events and initiatives to celebrate this joyful occasion!

More projects in progress to honor the Ten Year Anniversary:

    • A short documentary video about the history and evolution of Khaita;
    • Rinpoche’s commentaries on songs and dances from the Mekhor collection, in video and text formats on web app;
    • New costumes by the Dzamling Gar team;

And many more to celebrate this important event!

Please consider making a donation to support these projects.

With many Tashi Delegs,
Adriana Dal Borgo and Lena Dumcheva,
on behalf of the Khaita team

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