Khaita Free Web App Is Now Online

khaita app online

Welcome to! is a free web app (a website optimised for mobile phones) that will unite all Khaita songs, dances, lyrics, translations and commentaries on your mobile phone or desktop.

You can now enjoy singing the new Barsam collection through the app!

Choose your lyrics in Drajyor or Tibetan, with English translation when available (we’ll be adding new lyrics daily).

A new Khaita video intro by Soledad Suarez is featured in About Khaita section is work in progress: this is a trial version that will be further improved for public release in 2020.

We plan to add more functionality and upload more content, including translations in different languages and video commentaries by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Please help us to improve for you, donate here

Very special thanks to Alexandr Zheleznov & Dzamling Gar Dzogchen Community

Huge thanks to all the team!

Tatiana Arzhakova – web app programming
Alexey Shadrov – programming & consulting
Mila Zakhirina – web app UX design
Tatiana Magdieva – web app design
Bodhi Kraus – archives & data
Luna Lattarulo – translation coordinator
Joanna Fagg – translation from English and Italian, English editing

And to many more more!

To add Khaita icon to your phone screen, go to and it will automatically suggest it to you through a pop-up message at the bottom of your screen.

– Android: just tap on pop-up message at the bottom of your screen

– iPhone: click on “Share” button on the bottom of your screen, and then “Add to Home Screen”


With many Tashi Delegs from Dzamling Gar
Lena Dumcheva

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