Khaita Dances for the Exam


Dear Khaita dancers,

For all those interested in becoming Khaita instructors, you’ll find attached the list of 50 dances chosen by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to be the subject of the examination.

The exam/supervision will take place at Dzamling Gar in March 2016 from the 18th till the 25th. The diplomas will be conferred on April 3rd.

Requirements to attend:

1) candidates should be members of the Dzogchen Community and should register to attend the examination with the Dzamling Gar Gakyil

2) candidates should know all 50 dances very well

4) candidates should be able to explain the meaning of Khaita, some of its history and the fundamentals, the value of it and applying these values in their daily lives

3) candidates must remain at Dzamling Gar for the full exam period up to the day of conferring the diplomas.

For those who have the possibility to come earlier, from the March 12thuntil the 17th Adriana and some more expert dancers will help to clarify last doubts and coordinate for the supervision/exam with Rinpoche.

Please once you’re sure about your intention, register HERE because the material (video clips and some explanations) will be sent only to those who sign up.

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List of 50 Khaita Dances

List of 50 Khaita Dances

List of 50 Khaita Dances 2









List of 50 Khaita Dances 3List of 50 Khaita Dances 4

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