Khaita Educational Program at Dejamling May 25 to 31

I flew from London to Nimes, France, and while I was on the bus to Dejamling it started pouring rain although it was a very sunny day. I felt it was a way to purify the energy before starting the Khaita educational program. During that whole day I could also feel  the presence of Stoffelina a lot, perhaps because the last time I was there it was with her. 

This was already very inspiring for the next few days, trying to keep my presence merging with the sounds of Khaita. 

What happened during the following days was, from my point of view, fantastic. Although we were a very diverse group of people – different ages, nationalities and previous experiences – Adriana guided us with such a marvellous flow of kindness and grace that soon we were dancing and enjoying without separation. 

Of course, there was a lot to learn and improve during these full seven days, so sometimes we were also tired. However, there was this kind of continuum of rhythm, energy and spaciousness – even though we didn’t have a huge room! –  that was beyond our personal limitations and allowed us to integrate together while dancing and singing as best we could. 

This amazing course was possible not only thanks to Adriana’s extraordinary presence but also because everyone collaborated in every way possible: with the zoom (many thanks to Elerin!), cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, tidying up and even making some unforeseen repairs, all of which was brilliantly coordinated by Sharina, whom we thank especially for her hard work, as we thank Gilles! 

I look forward to dancing with you all again!



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