Khaita in Hungary

The Hungarian Khaita Dancers have a Joyful and Bustling Summer



On the 24th of June the Khaita dancers were invited to Everness Festival, which is Hungary’s largest spiritually themed festival. Despite the cold and almost rainy weather, the two hour long dance presentation attracted dozens of people who joined the dances and gave their best at their very first meeting with the traditional and modern Tibetan dances. It was a new experience because we didn’t do any demonstration for the public, but started to dance from the very beginning together with the newcomers. The smiling faces and the open-minded and friendly atmosphere was absolutely a great experience to everyone!hungary1

On the 4th of July, the Hungarian Khaita dancers were invited to the celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday at the Tara Temple in a small village named Tar. The special guests of the celebration day were Tsultrim Lama, Thumpten Pema Lama and Lama Choepel.hungary2

After the first 3 dances (Dendrel Sangpo, A-jey Sonam Dron-ma and Re-dun), the visitors of the celebration joined the dancers in the next six dances and had had a joyful dance altogether. Even the Lamas shared the joyful moments, not only with giving khataks to all the Khaita dancers, but they also danced some steps even if there was an incredible heat with 34 C.

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