Khaita Songs and Basic Colloquial Tibetan with Lobsang Zatul

December 16-20, 2019
Dzamling Gar

We have just finished our five day course on new Khaita songs and basic colloquial Tibetan with Lobsang Zatul. With us at the course but missing on the photo are Adriana Dal Borgo and Elia Bernardoni Francesco. Some participants joined us online from USA, France and Italy.

Lena is holding Rinpoche’s original calligraphy of Khaita མཁའི་རྟ་ or “Harmony in the Space” preserved by Adriana Dal Borgo. You can now view this calligraphy at Dzamling Gar Bookhouse in the new Gönpa.

We have studied ten songs (full list at the end) from Barsam – Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s latest Khaita collection – including word by word translation and pronunciation training under the guidance of Lobsang, who is collaborating with Khaita songs translation since the very first collection “Message from Tibet” in 2013.

We feel very grateful for this opportunity to discover the meaning of the songs to which Rinpoche dedicated so much work during His last years.

We have also learned some basic phrases in colloquial Tibetan and enjoyed training small dialogues at the end of each session.

Big thanks to Lobsang and The School of Tibetan Language for their help in organizing this event.


We have studied:

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