Khaita Songs For Metreng 1 Now Published On!

Cover artwork – “Khaita Dance” painting by Simona Marziani

Dear Everyone,

Khaita songs translations for Metreng 1 are now published on!  (For optimal text visualization use “full screen lyrics” mode and horizontal screen position for mobiles.) Metreng 1 comprises 60 Tibetan modern songs and dances, and is a part of Mekhor 180 songs collection completed by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 2017. The collection title and structure refer to the principles of Tibetan astrology that Rinpoche used in his research of Tibetan culture and history.

Rinpoche selected the songs according to their meaning, and now this meaning is available to us thanks to the tireless work of a group of translators and editors. May these translations be of benefit to everyone!

Our team is committed to publishing more songs translations in the near future.

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Infinite gratitude to translation & editing team:

– Translated from Tibetan by: Lobsang and Kelsang Zatul, Fabian Sanders, Margherita Pansa, Monica Gentile, Olga Gomilevskaia and Susan Schwarz

– Translations revised by Adriano Clemente

– English revised by Joanna Fagg

– Translations coordinator Luna Lattarulo

– Online editors Lena Dumcheva and Luna Lattarulo programming by Tatiana Arzgakova and Aleksey Shadrov

– Special thanks to Adriana Dal Borgo, Alexander Zheleznov and Dzamling Gar Dzogchen Community

– And many many others who helped in any way they could! See full team here

With many Tashi Delegs
Lena Dumcheva

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