Khaita Songs Course with Lobsang Zatul 24-26 April

khaita songs lobsang zatul10-15 people on site plus 5-10 online connections, including a group from Dzamling Gar, followed this in-depth course on the meaning and pronunciation of some Khaita songs with Lobsang Zatul. Lobsang, a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, has been teaching Tibetan for more than thirty years and devotes himself to the preservation of the Tibetan language. Those attending the course, experts as well as novices in Tibetan language studies, were moved by the complexity of the Tibetan language and the beauty of the lyrics.

The course, organized by the Dzogchen Community of Merigar, Khaita Joyful Dances and the School for Tibetan Language and Translation (Atiyoga Foundation language department) was held in the wonderful surroundings of the Reading Room at the Merigar Library. Following the sessions of translation and pronunciation, Khaita Dance instructor Salima Celeri clearly explained the movements of each dance and led participants in performing the dances in the Mandala Hall.

The Khaita Joyful Dances that were studied include:
M 3.5.9 Ta-shi Kor-dro
M 3.3.2 Je-trug Tsho
M 3.5.3 Mi-lam
M 3.2.3 Nas-zang
M 3.4.9 A-khu Pad-ma
M 3.3.4 So-lek-mo So

From April 28 to May 4 Lobsang will lead a course at Merigar West for those who know a little Tibetan and want to deepen their knowledge of the colloquial language, Lhasa dialect, learning simple sentences and the implied grammatical principles.




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