Khaita Workshop at Kunsangar North

On February 5th, at Kunsangar North, Russia, in cooperation with the Shang Shung Institute, a workshop on Khaita Joyful Dances was held.

The event was aimed at the local community, including pensioners, and was held in cooperation with the local city administration. A group of 18 pensioners from the ‘Active Longevity’ municipal project came to Kunsangar North from Pavlovsky Posad, and in total there were about 25 participants.

We had a wonderful time with the participants, received a lot of good feedback, everyone enjoyed it! At the workshop, we talked about the history and basics of Khaita dances, watched some clips and videos with Rinpoche together, learned two simple circle dances and held a small demonstration performance, and during the break we gave everyone real Tibetan tea. The atmosphere was happy and relaxed.


Judging by the positive feedback and the interest of the administration, we will continue such open events!

Victoria Adamenko and Vladimir Belyaev,

Khaita instructors who conducted the workshop

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