Khalong Mandala Dzamling Gar Project

“We can not express the sensation of awe and profound resonance of experiencing the symbolic Vajra Dance and inherent marvelous teaching beyond expectations. We express our gratitude and offerings to Rinpoche for trusting our capacity to comprehend such big symbols containing the knowledge of the entire Universe. …May we make our Master at least smile with compassion at our humble efforts”

Prima Mai,

quoted from Khalong Notes Book

Khalong Mandala

What is the project about? New colored plastic Khalong mandala for Dzamling Gar. Dancing on the finalized design of the Khalong Mandala in full colour is a new step in developing the vision of Rinpoche on the last Vajra Dance teaching.

Why new? Old Khalong mandalas were made from Tyvek paper and were used for the last 3 years already and are starting to wear out. The new Mandala will be colored, made of strong plastic with a special cover as a protection, easy to roll. It’s size is about 14×12 m.

How to donate? You are welcome to donate to the Dzamling Gar account on Dzamling Gar Website

THE DONATION IS BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF GENEROSITY. All names of the donors will be honored.

Dream that may come true with your help! Together we are many!

Khalong practitioners from Dzamling Gar

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