Kumar Kumari course in Montenero, Italy

How wonderful is to teach Kumar Kumari, Yantra Yoga for kids at the school of Montenero!

Montenero is a small island of paradise, an ancient village located on an imposing rocky spur, emerged from the sea millions of years ago, located in the center of a large hilly territory from where you can admire the beautiful landscapes of Southern Tuscany: Val d’orcia, Maremma and Monte Amiata.

The elementary school has a wonderful garden with a wonderful view of Monte Amiata, full of sun, colors and life!

For me it is a real pleasure to teach yoga to children. They are very joyful, interested in the sessions and they really like the relaxation phase! They lie on the mat in the sun with such a pleasure and stand for 10 minutes, then share their experience!

I fell in love with this little Pacific islet!
I express heartfelt gratitude to the Italian Buddhist Union, Asia Onlus and Merigar West for supporting the project “Breathe the Earth” and helping us to teach yoga.

Dina Priymak

Yantra Yoga instructor

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