Kumar Kumari – A Gift for Our Children, Our Future

About Kumar Kumari Projects -Yantra Yoga for Kids

Dear Practitioners,

With this letter, we would like to present to you our Kumar Kumari projects, dedicated to the future generations: our children. We kindly ask you to take some time and read this message thoroughly and support us.

We know how much Rinpoche cared about children’s growth and education, and for this reason, He adapted Yantra Yoga to their condition, using ten powerful sounds – the seed syllables ‘A, A, HA, SHA, SA, MA, OM, Ā, HUM, HAM – to guide the different aspects of the breathing that are synchronized with the movements. That makes this yoga for children particularly unique because the sounds of the ten syllables guide and define the quality of the inhalation and exhalation that is used. For example, how to inhale and exhale quickly or slowly, deeply or shallowly.

In this practice children learn sixteen movements (purification breathing, 5 tsigjong, 5 lungsang, 1 tsadul, 3 main yantras, and a concluding exercise), coordinating sound and rhythm. This practice brings a harmonious development of body, energy (breathing), and mind to children.

Rinpoche wrote the Kumar Kumari text called “The Garland of Lotus Flowers” in 1992 and in the final dedication he wrote:

¨From the great island of the profound and vast Union of the Sun and Moon, 

I have gathered the splendid lotus flowers of some important yantras

And offer them as a beautiful garland 

To adorn the neck of boys and girls.


May the physical energy of boys and girls, who are like budding plants, 

Grow perfectly, and may the leaves of their full force expand

In the ten directions.

May the flowers of the attributes of youth shine

And may they all enjoy an abundance of good fruit!

By the power of the good deed of having shown

A few rays of potentiated energy that shine like a thousand lights,

May the darkness of ignorance in the minds of beings dissolve

And may the light of the wisdom of Samantabhadra shine forever!¨

“Kumar Kumari Yantra, The Garland of Lotus Flowers, Yantra Yoga for Children” Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, 2016.

We wish that many of you, even those not interested in teaching to children, read this precious book and learn about Kumar Kumari. You can find it here:

Find the printed version HERE

Find the E-book version HERE

The Spanish version will be soon ready!





We believe it is very important to make this teaching more known and available, and that is why we present our current and future Kumar Kumari projects to you.

Kumar Kumari classes in schools

Rinpoche greatly emphasized the importance of teaching Kumar Kumari in public and private schools and that is why we need to train more Kumar Kumari teachers who could carry on these projects.

Numerous experiences have recently demonstrated the usefulness and benefits derived from the practice of Yoga, in particular Kumar Kumari, in the school context. Thanks to Yoga, students feel more energetic, but also relaxed, favoring a positive atmosphere for children and teachers in classes. Many schools, both in Italy and abroad, offer this kind of extracurricular activity as part of their programs.

Find out more about these kinds of projects here.

Kumar Kumari Kids Camps/Family Retreats

We have experienced the great benefits of the Kumar Kumari classes in different contexts. Kids’ camps or family retreats are great occasions where everyone in the family gets involved and can enjoy learning healthy habits, and methods to apply for their wellbeing. Materials for teaching and organizing activities with children are needed.



Kumar Kumari Teacher Training for Adults

The objective of these trainings is to spread and develop the knowledge of Kumar Kumari and train to become a Kumari Kumari teacher.




New Logo & Branding | New Website in Progress

The Yantra Yoga department of Atiyoga Foundation is currently working on www.yantrayoga.net including a Kumar Kumari section, also we now have Yantra Yoga and Kumar Kumari new logos.


The Adventure of Nyima, Dawa and the little Yak / Audiobook (Om Editions / Shang Shung Publications)

A children’s tale that has been created to support the teaching/learning process of Kumar Kumari Yantra and particularly to train in a playful way and with the help of images; the ten powerful sounds that are connected with the breathing and the movement in Kumar Kumari. The idea is also to have an audiobook that will accompany the story so that the correct sounds can be learned. There are many beautiful drawings that we would like to use to create materials for children, like puppets and dolls or panels, to use in our classes and storytelling and for kids to play.
We plan to have this book translated into different languages.

Kumar Kumari Learning Cards for Children

This would be a great resource for Kumar Kumari teachers and for parents and kids to practice at home. Learning through play is for sure the best way to learn!

Kumar Kumari T-shirts

We are creating nice t-shirts for children and adults.

Kumar Kumari Video Tutorials

We would like to have a video tutorial for teachers, parents, and children to use as support for the practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read us and please consider supporting our projects by donating, no matter big or small, every little counts. We really need financial support!

If you feel to actively participate in these important projects, you can make your donation here: https://atiyogafoundation.org/donation/ 

Please make sure to write “Kumar Kumari Projects” in the ‘Activity or project the donation is for:’ field.

Please don’t hesitate to write us back if you have questions, you need clarification on a particular project, you have suggestions or you wish to offer your collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Evangelisti and Nataly Nitsche
(Director / Project manager of the Yantra Yoga department of Atiyoga Foundation)

Stay well,

Yantra Yoga team

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