Kumar Kumari Session and the ‘Messer Milione’ Workshop

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, Merigar was the venue for a session of Kumar Kumari, Yantra Yoga for children, followed by a Workshop entitled  ‘Messer Milione is back from a long journey…he brought spices from India’. It was an afternoon dedicated to children, featuring Kumar Kumari and a traditional spice cloth dyeing workshop.

The event was organized by the Kumar Kumari team of teachers and Cristina Conticelli who presented the story of the Italian explorer, Marco Polo, nicknamed ‘Messer Milione’ during his lifetime, and his extensive travels in the East in the 13th century as well as some stories about the spices and difficulties to find them.

Some of the children attending the event were local and had already participated in the weekly courses of Kumar Kumari of previous years, others came from as far away as Porto Santo Stefano and Grosseto because they were curious and had heard some positive things about the children’s events organized at Merigar.

The event was greatly enjoyed by the children some of whom did not want to leave when it ended!

Many thanks to the Kumar Kumari team and Cristina.

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