Kumbhaka, Mandarava Tsalung Course in Paris

22-24 Sept 2023

In the golden September of Paris, we welcomed our long-awaited teacher, Fabio Andrico, for
a precious three-day Kumbhaka, Mandarava Tsalung course.
With his meticulous explanations and demonstrations, he skillfully unraveled the abstract,
breaking it down step by step, starting from the fundamentals of understanding the
functioning of the human respiratory system. He then delved into the effects of breath on
the perception and use of the diaphragm, ribcage, and other aspects, exploring the impact of
different postures and explaining the utilization of different types of Prana. Ultimately, he
guided us seamlessly into the topic of Kumbhaka.
The course was impeccably organized, with a natural and coherent flow, interspersed with
his personal experiences and his time spent practicing alongside the revered Namkhai Norbu
Rinpoche. He patiently listened to everyone’s questions during the retreat and responded
without considering them too simple or too complex. He was approachable and not at all
proud despite his extensive experience following Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. This allowed the
thirty participants to savor the teachings slowly while feeling as though Namkhai Norbu
Rinpoche himself was right there with us, accompanying us on this three-day learning
I had the opportunity to pose a question to him stemming from my practice of Shitro after
the retreat. His answer was unbelievably straightforward: “The very important point in
practice is intention. Intention is not only important for practice but also in one’s daily life.
Especially when one is teaching”. His uncomplicated answer instantly illuminated my
understanding, and I ceased to fixate on words.
My previous impression of Fabio had been relatively superficial, as I had seen him as a
prominent figure with a seemingly unapproachable status within the Sangha. However, this
face-to-face encounter revealed that our vajra brother Fabio Andrico is both a teacher and a
friend, humble and unassuming, with many noble qualities.

Palriling Blue Gakyil
Jacquie Xiaoyun Asseo-Hu

29 Sept, 2023

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