Kunsangar North Retreat Program 2021

21 May

19:00 – 21:00 (GMT+3) – Lecture on the profound meaning of the Dzamling Gar Dance and Song with Fabio Risolo and Adriana Dal Borgo. Online

22-23 May

Dzamling Gar Dance and Song – steps, mudras, meaning. Retreat with Adriana Dal Borgo via Zoom at Kunsangar North and with assistant instructor at the Gar, Vladimir Belyaev. Offline 

4-8 June

Essence of the Chöd practice and its application in daily life. Sessions at 19:00-21:00. Instructor – Steven Landsberg. Online

11-13 June

Explanation, study and practice of 25 Spaces of Samantabhadra. Instructor – Gabriella Schneider. Online

19-24 June

Open course: Breathing and 8 movements of Yantra Yoga. Instructor: Fabio Andrico via Zoom with assistant instructors at the Gar, Kirill Mironov and Mila Zakhirina. Offline

25-30 June

Practical retreat: Meditation, Contemplation and Integration in Practice with the Sound of HUM in the Methods of SMS Base with Grisha Mokhin + Yantra Toga with Kirill Mironov. Offline

2-4 July

Difference between Tantra and Dzogchen with Gabriella Dalesio. Online

10-11 July

Seven Principal Semdzins with SMS instructor Alfredo Colitto. Online

16-22 July

Practical retreat on the Dance of the Song of Vajra with Prima Mai via Zoom from Merigar with assistant instructors at Kunsangar North, Ulyana Sokolova, Tatiana Pronicheva, Manidari Dobdonova. Offline

19 July

Worldwide Guruyoga on Anniversary of Padmasambhava

22-25 July

Gathering of the Dzogchen Community at Kunsangar North. Lectures of international instructors, collective practices, etc.

24 July

Worldwide practice: 30 years of Vajra Dance on Earth

25-31 July

Third group of Yantra Yoga: pranayama Secret Breathing to Direct Prana into the Central Channel and 5 yantras of the Third group with Mira Mironova. Offline

August, dates TBC

Meditation + Vajra Dance wirh Stoffelina Verdonk. Online

August, dates TBC

Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen with Igor Legati. Online

September, dates TBC

Practical retreat: Green Tara with Oliver Leick. Online or Offline

September, dates TBC

Practical course: Khalong Dorje Kar with Prima Mai via Zoom with assistant instructors at the Gar. Offline

26-30 September

Alexander Skwara, topic TBC. Online

October, dates TBC

Retreat with Gabriella Schneider. Topic TBC. Online


Schedule TBC

25-30 December

Purification practices at the Gar. Offline

31 December – 2 January

Retreat on Vajra Dance and other practices. Offline

If there’s no mention of open session, all events require transmission.

Contact information: kunsangar.north.blue@gmail.com

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