Kunsangar North Schedule for June 2021

Dear Sangha,

Please find below Kunsangar North, Russia, upcoming schedule for June. Please address all questions and inquiries to: kunsangar.north@gmail.com.

5-6 June

Corrective retreat on the Dance of the Song of Vajra with Ulyana Sokolova. Offline

4-8 June

Essence of the Chöd practice and its application in daily life. Sessions at 19:00-21:00. Instructor – Steven Landsberg. Online

11-13 June

Retreat on Bodhicitta. Instructor – Gabriella Schneider. Online

19-24 June

Open course: Breathing and 8 movements of Yantra Yoga. Instructor: Fabio Andrico via Zoom with assistant instructors at the Gar, Kirill Mironov and Mila Zakhirina. Offline

25-30 June

Practical retreat: Meditation, Contemplation and Integration in Practice with the Sound of HUM in the Methods of SMS Base with Grisha Mokhin + Yantra Toga with Kirill Mironov. Offline

Every Tuesday

Weekly practice of the Guardians with Alexander Pubants. Online

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