Kunsangar South Schedule for 2023


February 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12

Practical classes with Igor Berkhin based on the course “Introduction to Contemplative Practice” which took place in October – November 2022 – online


March 24–29

“Ego, purifying obstacles and the principle of Chöd in the practice of Dzogchen behavior” with instructor Alexander Gomonov – in person


April 29 – May 5

Umdze training with Adriano Clemente – webcast


May 1–9

“Yantra Yoga as an exact approach to learn the kumbhaka hold” with Viktor Krachkovskiy – in person

May 12–17

Dzogchen teachings with Yeshi Silvano Namkhai – webcast

May 20–26

Practical retreat on Dakini Mandarava long life practice (beginning of the season) – online


June 4

Birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni

June 9–11

Yantra Yoga for beginners. Open course for everyone. Instructor Alexey Shadrov – in person

June 29 – July 2

Training course in Basics of Kumbhaka, 7th Lojong and Yantra Yoga level 2 with 2nd level instructor Zhenya Rud – in person and online


July 2–9

Practical retreat on 7th Lojong Saltong and Yantra Yoga level 2. 2nd level instructor Zhenya Rud – in person and online

July 6

Dalai Lama’s Birthday – all interested in the teachings are welcome to attend.

July 14–16

Broadcast of the festival from Kunsangar North – online

July 28 – August 1

Vajra Dance for the Benefit of All Beings. Open to all course. Instructor Tatyana Gerasimova – in person


August 4–7

Practical retreat on the Dance of the Song of the Vajra with Tatyana Gerasimova – in person

August 14–17

Course on weaving Tibetan amulets Namkha. Open course for all. Moderator – Sergey Antonyan – in person

August 14–17

Kumar-kumari, Yantra Yoga for children – in person

August 19–27

(dates and topic to be confirmed)

Yantra Yoga and Santi Maha Sangha course. Moderators: Kirill Mironov, Yantra Yoga instructor, Alexander Gomonov, SMS instructor – in person


September 2–3, 6–10

Connection to the Vajra Dance retreat with Adriana Dal Borgo – webcast

September 9–16

(dates and topic to be confirmed)

Santi Maha Sangha retreat with Grigory Mokhin – in person

September 20–27

(dates to be confirmed)

Yantra Yoga for beginners with Mira Mironova, Yantra Yoga level 2 instructor – in person

You can find full and updated information in the Kunsangar South Telegram channel https://t.me/+Zd-oqzBoBQwwNWE6 (in Russian).

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