Kunsangar South Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

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Dear Vajra Family!

Exactly 10 years ago, on May 29th, 2010, the first retreat of Chöd practice with Yeshi Namkai took place at our Gar, which means that this year Kunsangar South is celebrating its tenth anniversary!  Over these years the Gar has grown and developed, with seven retreats with Chögyal Namkai Norbu and forty-four retreats with different Dzogchen Community instructors taking place there, and has been visited by more than 5000 people.

kunsangar south tenth anniversary
The infrastructure of the Gar has also developed with the construction of a gönpa, a Longsal stupa, a summer kitchen, as well as houses for accommodation and retreats. More than 400 trees have been planted on the land of Kunsangar South, which would have been absolutely impossible to do without the participation of a huge number of Dzogchen Community practitioners who have supported and continue to support Kunsangar South!

kunsangar south tenth anniversaryAt the moment circumstances do not allow us to celebrate the Birthday of the Gar together, but we will definitely do so when the situation changes and the Gar can again receive visitors. Now we can unite in practices for the benefit of Kunsangar South and the Dzogchen Community as a whole, wherever we are.

kunsangar south tenth anniversaryHappy Birthday to all and see you at Kunsangar South!

Love from the Gakyil and Geko

kunsangar south tenth anniversary

kunsangar south tenth anniversary

kunsangar south tenth anniversarykunsangar south tenth anniversary

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