Kunsangar South Update

This spring at Kunsangar South, Crimea, we initiated the construction of two small houses, which we call ‘wooden tents’ – simple structures without amenities for 1-2 people. The first house of this type was built last year and turned out to be a convenient and sought-after type of housing, becoming a comfortable alternative to accommodation in a tent. The construction lasted for several months and has now come to an end. We are very grateful to the builders and karma yogis, thanks to whom this project was completed successfully and on time!

Since the pandemic has not stopped in the world yet, we do not plan to host mass events at the Gar and try to limit ourselves to small retreats and invite practitioners to come for personal practice.

During the May holidays we held a small Yantra Yoga retreat with instructor Alexey Shadrov. Practitioners also book lodging and come for personal retreats in small groups or individually, as they did last year, doing dark retreats in our special house.

Yantra Yoga with Alexey Shadrov

As you know, the Crimean floods have also affected Kunsangar South. The water rose early in the morning on June 18, and the Gar’s territory has become a flowing river. The flood washed away the road, and now it needs to be repaired.

The approximate costs will be from 50 to 80 thousand rubles (approx. 700-1000 USD). A more accurate amount will become clear after the first restoration, which includes the return of crushed stone to the road, ordering a lorry of crushed stone and distributing it with an excavator.

Flood consequences

We are very grateful to everyone who offered their material support to eliminate the consequences of the flood. If you want to help, here is our Paypal lalitarus@gmail.com.

This summer we are having several events. We already hosted one of them, it was a teleconference on the Khalong practice with Prima Mai and instructor Tatyana Gerasimova assisting her at the Gar on June 14-18. Also in July Kunsangar South plans to connect to several retreats in webcast, so please follow the information on the Gar’s Facebook group. In the fall we plan to hold a SMS retreat, at the moment the dates are to be confirmed.

Khalong Dorjei Kar retreat with Prima Mai

We will be glad to see everyone who wants to support and visit the Gar this summer and autumn!

Kunsangar South Gakyil

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