Latest News from Merigar East in Romania

Looking in the “Mirror” of past years, we can see that Merigar East pulsates with energy during events, hosting at least 150 practitioners. Some of them may not be anymore, and some may not be interested in the place, however, Merigar East exists as an entity that continues to breathe, grow and reinvent itself in the same space, full of possibilities, open to the world, where the five elements manifest with intensity and make you feel in charge of it.

What events took place at ME this summer?

Rushen: Recognizing Our State with Zoltan Cser

At the end of June and the beginning of July, a four day retreat guided by Zoli Cser was held at ME, both physically and online, with focus on Inner Rushen and Secret Rushen, according to the Santi Maha Sangha Base training. 

Participants on site from Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria could enjoy an intense program starting with yantra yoga, continuing with two practice sessions and ending the day with Vajra Dance and Chod. In the remaining time, they could refresh themselves with a swim in the Black Sea and enjoy local fish dishes. For online participants, translation into Hungarian and Russian was possible with the involvement and effort of our friends Anna Olefir and Istvan Kiraly. 

Zoli guided us with warmth and patience throughout the retreat, but also reminded us of what the Dzogchen Community and the teaching means, leading us to meditation and contemplation. We thank him for his presence and for the love and dedication we felt he has for this place.

Workshop: How to Make Tibetan Prayer Flags

For two days, August 26th-27th, the flags for the next Losar were cut, printed (by hand, using screen printing – serigraphy) and sewn. We conclude with a participant’s comment: “A simple space, with good, warm people, a space like this, in the wind that sweeps your thoughts and carries them into the waves of the sea…A really special place!”

Tibetan Sacred Art Exhibition

From August 7 to September 30, an exhibition of thangkas from the personal collection of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu is being held at Merigar East, an event organized with the support of the Atiyoga Foundation.  

Transform the Solar Energy for Merigar East project

Also this summer, photovoltaic panels were installed to power and stabilize the main pump of the fountain and the camping area, an investment of 5000 euros, of which 1000 euros were raised from donations. We convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to those who have been with us in this project and ask you to continue to contribute to help us transform “money into light, light into water, water into life…”


Volunteer work continued this summer with the completion of older projects in which people who came to the Gar for the first time participated with great openness and enthusiasm.

Respira – Breathing Method Course

Although summer is over, the weather at ME continues to be sunny, the sea warm, and the gates are open for the Breathe course on September 15th-17th , with our dear friend Magdalena Ourecka, who will guide us on how to re-discover and enjoy harmonious breathing.

We also add that all these events could take place thanks to the dedication, generosity and, at times, stubbornness of the people of Merigar East who continue to make it a place of sharing for those who walk the same path to knowledge through collaboration in the perspective of a common spiritual enrichment.

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