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Recently published books:

Tibetan Calendar/Calendario Tibetano 2023 -2024

Tibetan Calendar for the Water Hare Year 2150. Updated annually, this pocket agenda contains concise indications of the practices recommended by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for special days, astrological aspects from the Tibetan lunar calendar, individual influences affecting those born between 1923 and 2023, and positive and negative days for Naga practice.

news Shang Shung PublicationsSpecial Practice Calendar 2023-2024

The Special Practice Calendar was first compiled by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu many years ago and contains his indications for each special day in the lunar year. In addition to describing specific practices for Padmasambhava Day, Dakini Day, and full and new moon, this calendar covers anniversaries of many masters from the Buddhist and Bön traditions in Tibet who are also connected with the Dzogchen transmission.

news Shang Shung PublicationsThe Adventures of Nyima, Dawa and the Little Yak                                                              

Laura Evangelisti & The Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga Team
Watercolor illustrations by Cristina Conticelli

A beautiful children’s picture book on Kumar Kumari. A journey to discover magical Tibet and the powerful sounds of Kumar Kumari, Yantra Yoga for children.

Upcoming Restricted books:

The Luminous Clarity of the Universe

A Clear Exposition of the Principle of Primordially Pure Tregchöd (Ka dag khregs chod kyi dgongs pa gsal bshad klong chen ’od gsal).                                                                                                  This book is one of the earliest books on Dzogchen authored by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and was originally conceived as a compendium of instructions drawn from the main tantras of the Dzogchen Upadeśa series and from the writings of Longchenpa (1308–1364) and Jigmed Lingpa (1730–1798) on the basis of personal knowledge and experience.
It will be ready in early May

  When You Discover One, You Discover All

Practice Instructions Related to Changchubsem Gomba Dola Sershun by Mañjushrimitra.
In the Tibetan texts belonging to the Dzogchen Semde series, the most ancient texts are considered the first five translations of Vairochana, namely Rigpai Khujug, Tsalchen Trugpa, Khyungchen Dingwa, Dola Sershun, Minubpai Gyaltsen (also called Dorje Sempa Namkha Che), and the Mejung, amounting at six. …These practice instructions, attributed to Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, are given in a pure Dzogchen style, therefore they are extremely precious for Atiyoga practitioners, and most probably it is the very first time that they were transmitted in the West. For this reason the Shang Shung Publications Editorial Team decided to publish the transcription of this oral commentary even if a translation from the Tibetan is still not available.

The Vajra Dance of Space 

New book of Vajra Dance of Space of the Song of the Vajra

Upcoming public books

– The Cuckoo of Rigpa, 

An Ancient Dunhuang Manuscript. Rig pa’i khu byug  

The Six Vajra Verses are the essence of all the teachings of self-perfected Dzogpa Chenpo. When the great translator Vairocana introduced the precious Dzogpa Chenpo teaching in Tibet, as a sign of goodness and auspiciousness first of all he translated from the language of Oḍḍiyāna into Tibetan these six verses known as “Auspicious Glory”, giving them the name “The Cuckoo of Rigpa”.                                                               

– Padmasambhava’s Advice on Total Perfection

A Hidden Treasure Discovered by Dorje Lingpa  
The teachings contained in this volume consist of a rich collection of advice and methods of practice which have the sole aim of helping the practitioner to actually discover their real condition of Total Perfection or Dzogchen, and remain in this presence. The book is a commentary to an ancient Tibetan text discovered by a 14th century master known as Dorje Lingpa. 

– Introduction to The Vajra Dance

The first public book about Vajra Dances.
This volume is divided into two parts. Part One is dedicated to a selection of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s written and oral teachings on the principles of Dzogchen, the Vajra Dance and related topics. Part Two, which is dedicated to the actual practice, reproduces two chapters of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s main work on the Dance of the Vajra, titled “The Precious Lamp”.  These chapters are taken from Adriano Clemente’s English translation of the Tibetan text and describe two Vajra Dances: the Vajra Dance of the Six Spaces  and the Dance of the Three Vajras.

– A General Presentation of Dzogchen

– The Biography of Ayu Khandro

– Aprire la Mente

Italian translation of Opening our Minds

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