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Shang Shung Publications– The Longsal Rushen, An Oral Commentary:

– Collected Upadesha Teachings on the Rushen of Body, Voice and Mind:

– New Tibetan calendar:

– Chöd:

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Upcoming restricted books

– Luminous Clarity of the Universe: A Large Explanation of the Principle of Primordially Pure Tregchöd

– Nyingthig Yangti of Changchub Dorje, A Complete Oral Commentary

– The Vajra Dance of Space

The series of experiential instructions (nyamtri) related to the first five translations of Vairochana, Rinpoches oral commentary

Upcoming public books 

– A General Presentation of Dzogchen

– The Biography of Ayu Khandro

– The Vajra Dance (a public book)

We would like to point out that many of our texts are available in ebook versions. Shang Shung is trying to publish as many ebook versions as possible in order to give their readers the possibility to save on shipping costs and to reduce in general production costs due to significant increases in the cost of paper, services, and couriers.

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