Letter from Kundrolling, Buryatia

Dear Dzogchen Community,

In 2016 the Dzogchen Community of Buryatia received some land from the state for free, and since that time we have obtained all the necessary documents for construction work there:

1. Agreement with the Administration of Ulan-Ude for the land
2. Permission from the Administration of Ulan-Ude for the construction of a Gönpa (“Dugan” in the documents)
3. We have passed the environmental impact certification.
4. There are design estimates for construction.

In 2017 we built a summer Gönpa on this land in which we practiced Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga and other collective practices.

In 2020 a winter version of the Gönpa was built:

  • the ground floor where the entire heating system will be located and which will function as a warehouse.

The main part is built with larch logs and consists of six walls.

  • the roof has been installed.

In 2021 we plan to:

  • close the ceiling
  • install windows and doors
  • lay the floor
  • finish the walls
  • install the heating system
  • insulate the ground floor from outside

If favourable circumstances arise, we will finish the works by autumn and will be able to practice Vajra Dance and other practices there. We plan to organize practices not only for our DC group but also invite DC members from other regions for collective practice.

Over the years members of the Dzogchen Community of Buryatia have made generous offerings, thanks to which the Gönpa was built.

Our Dzogchen Community Kundrolling Buryatia asks all of you:

Dear members of the Dzogchen Community of Russia and the International Dzogchen Community, please support our project with donations. Offerings can be sent to the PayPal account number: bishikhan82@gmail.com.

Best regards,

Gakyil DC Kundroling Buryatia.

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