Long Distance Sponsorship with ASIA

Shorten the distances, make your long-distance sponsorship!

Is it possible to cultivate a relationship with someone who is light distances from us, for example beyond the Himalayas? ASIA proposes an original way to do this: long distance sponsorship.

ASIA has been working for more than 30 years to preserve the identity and historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Asian continent. With long-distance sponsorship, it is able to guarantee dignified living conditions and coverage of the basic needs of children, monks and the elderly from the Himalayan areas. Over the years it has renovated and built schools and monasteries, supplied heating systems and school materials, and equipped the buildings with canteens, libraries and modern equipment.

Among these, ASIA supports four schools in the rural and more remote areas of Nepal. Because of these schools – which were rebuilt thanks to the generous help of supporters after the devastating earthquake of 2015 – Nepalese children can have an education and also be protected from trafficking, child labor and early marriage.

The four schools are located in the Rasuwa district, where the literacy rate is 54%, much lower than the national average of Nepal which is 81%. The pandemic continues to put a strain on the country, which is still in a state of emergency. To help their families many children have taken on difficult, dangerous jobs and have been exploited. In addition, due to the closure of schools in the numerous lockdowns, they have spent most of the school year at home, often in overcrowded spaces and without internet access to follow lessons remotely.

ASIA is committed on a day by day basis to shorten distances, to guarantee Tibetan and Nepalese children an education in harmony with their cultural roots, the only way to protect them from trafficking, child labor and early marriages and give them back a future.

Schools are the first place to nurture culture – especially if it risks disappearing, like the Himalayan one – through the teaching of language, history, philosophy and much more. Nepal is a crossroads of Himalayan traditions, cultures and languages, and the expression of numerous communities that often live marginalized in remote and very poor areas.

To bring about real change, continuous and long-lasting support is required. Shorten the distance, guarantee access to education for a girl or a boy from the schools of Arukharkha, Thangdor, Namuna and Dupcheshwori with 25 euros a month.

You will be able to build a real relationship with the boy or girl through correspondence and (when possible) by visiting him / her in person.

For more information, visit the website www.adoptibet.org/en, write to adozioni@asia-onlus.org or call +3906.44340034.

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