So Ya Re Lo! What a Wonder! Longsal Stupa at Phendeling

longsal stupa phendeling

Group photo after the ganapuja at the end of the day. Photo by Alžběta Diringerová

This summer we experienced a very nice event of filling the stupa at Phendeling, the Community center in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. After 3 years of preparations the important day of 16th July (Anniversary of Dharmachakra) was chosen to put the sog-shing inside and place all the precious objects inside the stupa. We were very happy that Mingmar Tsering could join us and help with preparations and the filling.

Although this Longsal stupa is not finished yet – a statue of Garab Dorje still has to be inserted, the Longsal added and the consecration ritual needs to be performed – we would like to share with you a few photos and the feeling of the sangha, which was very precious to us.

longsal stupa phendeling

Setting the sog-shing in the Stupa. Photo by Jiří Langpaul

We met around 50 practitioners and everybody who helped on that occasion and not only us, but also those who could not join us, those who supported the stupa with donations, preparation works, good thoughts and intentions not only during these days, but over all these years. Even people who were cooking and preparing the food, cleaning and dancing Khaita, and the children playing around. Everybody has played an essential part of the whole. It was very nice to see, that even during small turbulences, we are able to cooperate together and help each other during the works on the stupa, which can bring benefit for innumerable sentient beings. We would like to thank all of you, our precious Sangha, for your participation and for creating this community experience.

longsal stupa phendeling

Khaita dances near the Stupa. Photo by Alžběta Diringerová

We are still looking for the statue of Garab Dorje (size: 50 cm / 19.685 in). If anybody knows about a statue or would like to offer one, we would be very grateful. You can contact us on


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