Losar and the Coming of Spring at Kunsangar North

February was an eventful and busy month at the Northern gar. Despite the harsh winter weather, the snowy and sparsely populated gar prepared for Losar and the Mandarava practice retreat in advance. 

A group of karma yogis printed lungtas so that they could be consecrated in time to be hung up all over the gar in the early days of Losar.

Lungta making in Kunsangar North.

On February 13-19 we held an in-depth retreat on the practice of mi yowa, the second contemplation of Semde, with Santi Maha Sangha instructor Alexander Gomonov, for which we managed to create perfect conditions at the gar. Uniting with movement, participants practiced Dzogchen contemplation seriously and immersively onsite and online. 

At the same time, on the eve of Losar, traditional activities and practices took place: purification practices, burning of old lungtas, a workshop on making Tibetan momos, followed by Losar with a festive ganapuja, games and dances.

Momo making, games and dances at Kunsangar North on Losar.

From the first days of the new year of the Water Hare until March 7, there were many opportunities for visiting practitioners: in addition to practices and webcast events from Dzamling Gar, Merigar West and Tashigar South, there were additional Mandarava practice thuns onsite and other practices arranged at the request of retreat participants. 

Hanging new Lungta in the Gar.

At the same time, household chores and work at the gar are in full swing. The large dining room, which can accommodate up to 150 people at a time, is undergoing a transformation. Thanks to donations from sponsors, we managed to purchase new kitchen equipment. We have also been given furniture and restaurant equipment. Now we are in the process of creating comfortable places to eat and relax.

Dining room.

There are lots of things to do and events to come. The long-awaited spring which is about to be announced by the song of the cuckoo will bring warmth and awakening.

The gar is waiting for you! See you in the dimension of practice and evolution!

Kunsangar North Gakyil

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