Losar Greetings

Best Wishes for the Year of the Female Earth Pig

Drawing by Ingmar Pema Dechen

My Darling Earth Pig
I bow to your
Beneficent bounty
Amid toils of duty and servitude
To further your brood
In all that need manifest
As we sow the seed of generosity
Its fecund curve of elegant hoof
And flow of nurturance
Sustains multitudes
Lady of the Spheres your grunt
Nuzzles to earth amid lofty intents
As you burrow deep your cosmic purpose
None other than sublime awakening
From ignorance at every moment

Text by Jacqueline Gens and original art by Ingmar Pema Dechen who are currently collaborating to create all 60 animal/element combinations.

Tsegyalgar East, 2019

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