Losar in Norbuling, Peru

Our dear Gakyil of Norbuling programmed the activities for this Losar.

Each one of them was filled with Vajra love: reunions of joy, longings and memories, hugs, affection and above all gratitude to OUR BUDDHA, our beloved Norbu.

On the 19th Guthuk soup was prepared. Even those who did not know how to cook helped. And when the time came, there was great excitement to discover the surprises that were in each portion of soup: cunning, sweetness, commerce, beauty, spirituality… In addition, all the participants won a little gift.

On the 20th, inner cleansing: Purification of the Six Lokas.

On the 21st, Star Bath in the early morning, (beach, swimming pool or shower) then Dakini Mandarava Long Life Practice.

In the evening and by zoom, Ganapuja with Namkha and Lungta and more gifts for each practitioner.

Norbuling united, brotherhood radiant, savouring our lives between laughter and seriousness and integrating obstacles and current circumstances of our Motherland.


Norbuling, Dzogchen Community of Peru

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