Losar Poem

Year of the Male Metal Rat

Behold the brazen strut
From high minded big-mouths
Amid sharp shooters
And illusory masters of material gain
Smart know-it-alls before lesser peers
Beware the molten hook of unkindness
With its sting of indifference
Such bold lies
As visible as that ratty tail

Take a moment and mingle your mind
In the vast expanse of openness
Simply forget yourself and take
A leap into the greater good
Home at last!

Text by Jacqueline Gens
Whose recent work can be read at Poetrymind www.tsetso.blogspot.com

Male Metal Rat illustration by Ingmar Pema Dechen

Illustration by Ingmar Pema Dechen, visionary artist
Works found at www.zangmosrainbow.blogspot.com
and www.ingmarpemakathleein-Gutierrezpixels.com

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