Losar Tashi Delegs from the Khaita Dancers of Dzamling Gar

Losar Tashi Delegs from the Khaita dancers of Dzamling Gar presented by Adriana Dal Borgo (Italy), Lilya Shaskhova (Ukraine) and Yulia Petrova (Russia)

Losar Tashi Deleg to everybody and everywhere! Today we celebrate together the first day of the Water Tiger year. Instead of the usual Losar performance, we’ll welcome the new year with the practice of singing and dancing Khaita.

It’s a difficult and heavy moment and each of us is deeply touched by the current situation. However, the most important thing is to remain united, all countries and nationalities, keeping our Teacher and his teaching in our hearts. This is the goal of Khaita.

In the Khaita collections we have some beautiful songs such as Thundril which means together. The song says: “Brothers and sisters, look at the unity of the birds! How nice it would be if there would be the same unity among us…. the golden cord of unity must not break”. https://khaita.com/songs/thundril
Other songs talk about having peace in the world, Dzamling Xide. https://khaita.com/songs/dzamling-zhide

Now we’ll sing these songs, then our children will perform a few dances, representing the joy of being together harmoniously and after we’ll join them, practicing all together.

As Rinpoche taught us on different occasions: “Collective practice can also bring benefit to the community and the country. If we coordinate and purify our energy, peace and prosperity can flourish.”

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