The Lungta Workshop in Budapest 21-23 January 2022

This workshop was organized with the intention to support the renovation of the Merigar East Gönpa. It was the fruit of the collaboration between the Gakyils of Merigar East, Czech Republic and Hungary, who made it possible by providing materials, people, and space for this workshop. Fourteen participants  worked hard and joyfully at the same time. The lungtas produced will be hung for practitioners who can still order them on our website. 

Many thanks to Kveta for this initiative and to Vítek, lungta specialist, who came to coordinate the work and share his knowledge.

Many thanks also to the Dynamic Space of the Elements and Migmar Tsering for holding a seminar about and its meaning. We had a record of 280 participants, benefiting also from the help of translators to Chinese, Hungarian, Czech, and Spanish. 

We did Sang practice every morning and a very simple Ganapuja practice at the end. 

There was a lot of collaboration during measuring, cutting, printing, cutting, printing, folding, and sewing. Enjoying the time together in this very nice atmosphere was enriched by the music of the Vajra dances and Khaita, with the precious vajra family. It felt like the atmosphere many of us experienced practicing together in Merigar East. 

Thank you! May it bring the best benefit!

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